I'm a jeweller without a studio, for this reason I've been focusing on materials that don't require a lot of equipment lately. I have been working with resin for a few years now, a material which I love for the way it accepts colour and embedded objects and pictures. I'm also very interested in acrylic plastic and I plan to work more with that in the near future as well. My designs are bold and colourful.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Copy Editor's "Delete" Badge

This is a custom piece that I recently made. It's a brooch made out of silver clay. I made it by first carving a stamp into a piece of linoleum, pressing that image into some clay, and then further refining it and carving in the centre symbol with a metal scribe. I'm quite please with this method and was honestly a little bit surprised at how well the brooch turned out.

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