I'm a jeweller without a studio, for this reason I've been focusing on materials that don't require a lot of equipment lately. I have been working with resin for a few years now, a material which I love for the way it accepts colour and embedded objects and pictures. I'm also very interested in acrylic plastic and I plan to work more with that in the near future as well. My designs are bold and colourful.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Since I don't have much of my own stuff happening right now, I thought I'd show off a few of my favourite items from etsy.com that have been posted by other sellers.

a) nervoussytem's radiolaria lines pendant (white)
I love plastic and can't help but be impressed by everything that the creators of this shop have done. They laser cut polystyrene plastic into interesting shapes. "The pattern displays shifts in direction and scale, creating a sense of movement and tension. These complex forms recall those of radiolarians, plant cells and even the familiar honey comb." This shop also has another similar necklace made up of ellipses in black, but there's something about the crispness of this white piece that appeals to me.

b) ninetailfox's Everybody has to work Sterling Silver Giraffe Ring
This definitely isn't any conventional ring. It rises approximately 1 inch above the wearer's hand, and may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, but it's just too much fun to pass up. I know that if I was having a hard day at work, this giraffe sitting on my finger would cheer me up... after all, "Everyone has work, apparently even giraffes." And the best part, he's wearing a tie.

c) showpony's Bugs - blue purse
This seemingly innocent looking pattern of birds and flowers has a surprise, when you open the folds of the fabric there are bugs and spiders creeping underneath! Many people may also be interested to know that shadowpony uses organic, fair-trade and natural products wherever possible in her shop.