I'm a jeweller without a studio, for this reason I've been focusing on materials that don't require a lot of equipment lately. I have been working with resin for a few years now, a material which I love for the way it accepts colour and embedded objects and pictures. I'm also very interested in acrylic plastic and I plan to work more with that in the near future as well. My designs are bold and colourful.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Item Promotion

Starting with my next listing on Etsy, I'm going to offer free shipping for the first week after I have any new item listed (this won't apply to most re-listed items). Hopefully, this will succeed at keep people interested and coming back to my shop on a regular basis. Stay tuned for a new barn swallow resin brooch coming soon. The barn swallow brooch design has been quite popular in the past, so I'm going to be bringing it back in both brooch and belt buckle form.

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